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​Insurance​ Premiums​, Cancer Cover and Cyber Insurance

Keeping your insurance premiums the same until 80 years? Sound good to you?? Premium costs will keep climbing as you become older as this is the way premium costs are calculated by the insurers. Now is a good time to look at options to keep some of your premium at a constant rate, so when […]

Enduring Power of Attorney – Important Protection for You

Enduring Power of Attorney – Important Protection for You An EPA for property is a great document to have when you travel because you can appoint someone to manage your finances and investments back home on your behalf. An EPA helps protect against unforeseen circumstances by allowing an individual or organisation, referred to as an […]

Typical life insurance mistakes

Not taking out life insurance until you need it rather than, buying too little, losing the family home is the worst-case scenario that must be avoided.Not insuring your spouse, think about all the scenarios that could affect you and your family and make sure you have a plan in place. Not reviewing your policy, picked […]