​Insurance​ Premiums​, Cancer Cover and Cyber Insurance

Keeping your insurance premiums the same until 80 years? Sound good to you??

Premium costs will keep climbing as you become older as this is the way premium costs are calculated by the insurers. Now is a good time to look at options to keep some of your premium at a constant rate, so when your circumstances change and you no longer have the need for all of your current benefits, you can have a base amount of cover that will be affordable to retain in the future. This is something we can help with. Options will differ dependant on your own personal circumstances and requirements for the future. Phone 09 486 3266 to book a time to discuss.

Cancer Cover – a new trauma benefit.

Would a lump sum help if you were diagnosed with having cancer? Well there are options for you now to have this as an additional benefit to your existing covers. You can opt to have a fixed premium to age 65 or 70 years – your choice? Includes a grief support and financial planning allowance as an additional payment. For every client that commences this cover they will be given a copy of Pink’s ”Beautiful Trauma” CD We think it is more than beautiful to have extra funds available to you at this stressful time.

Why should a business have cyber insurance?

Security weaknesses have been discovered in Wi-Fi networks that can leave your data exposed and you and your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. No matter the size, any business that operates online or has an online presence is vulnerable to Cyber attacks and data breaches. From viruses and hackers to employee error and system damage, your business is exposed to a range of risks that can stop you trading, impact you financially, affect your customers, and damage your business’ reputation. NZI offers two Cyber policies. From basic coverage under Cyber Base , to more extensive protection under Cyber Ultra . We welcome your enquiry contact us here